Mega @ Woodlands - 39 Woodlands Close Singapore 737856
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Mega @ Woodlands – 39 Woodlands Close Singapore 737856

Mega@ Woodlands
Mega @ Woodlands 
39 Woodlands Close, Singapore 737856

Mega @ Woodlands is a multi-user industrial complex seamlessly integrates with expansive Heavy Vehicle Parking facilities. Boasting a zoning classification of B1 for industrial utilization and an impressive land tenure of 30 years, this development stands as a testament to modern industrial excellence.

Zoning : B1

Nearest MRT Station : Admiralty MRT Station

This facility is more than just a factory; it’s a comprehensive solution tailored to meet the demands of modern industrial operations while prioritizing the well-being of your workforce.

  • Ramp-Up Access: Offering convenient access for heavy vehicles and machinery, this facility is designed to streamline your industrial operations.
  • Spacious Container Parking: Our wide driveway container parking lots provide ample space to accommodate your containers with ease, ensuring efficient logistics management.
  • Generous Ceiling Height: With a remarkable floor-to-floor clearance of 5.9 meters, this facility accommodates diverse industrial needs, allowing for versatile manufacturing processes.
  • Dual Entrance: Featuring dual entrances for smooth traffic flow and accessibility, this facility is built with efficiency in mind.
  • Fiber-Optic Connectivity: Future-proof your operations with fiber-optic readiness, ensuring high-speed data and communication capabilities to meet your technological demands.
  • In-House Canteen: Enjoy the convenience of an on-site canteen, offering a variety of culinary options to keep your workforce fueled and energized.
  • Outdoor Fitness Station: Promote employee well-being with an outdoor fitness station, encouraging a healthy work-life balance.
  • Gym and Shower Facilities: Prioritize the health and comfort of your team with in-house gym facilities and showers, making it easy for employees to stay active and refreshed throughout the day.
Mega@ woodlands
Mega@ woodlands
Mega@ woodlands

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