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Heeren$10.50 – $12.00
Hong Leong$8.00 – $9.00
CPF Building$5.10 – $5.30
Harbourfront Tower$6.90 – $7.80
Changi Road / East Coast Road$4.00 – $4.50
Anson Centre$4.50 – $5.50
Mapletree Business City$7.00 -$7.50
PSA Vista$4.50 – $5.50
Paya Lebar Square$4.90 – $5.50
Vision Exchange$5.80 – $6.50
Alexandra Technopark$4.30 – $4.50
Inter local @ Pasir Panjang$2.50 – $2.80
Cintech I/II/III$4.30 – $4.50
Nexus@One North$5.80 – $6.50
Corporation Place$2.60 – $3.00
Techlink$3.20 – $3.50
Pacific Tech Centre$3.20 -$3.50
New Tech Park$3.70 – $4.20
Chai Chee Technopark$3.20 – $3.30
The Signature @ CBP$3.90 – $4.20
Icon@IBP$4.30 – $4.80
The Strategy$4.30 – $4.50
AMK Techplace$1.80 – $2.00
Henderson Industrial Park$1.50 – $1.80
Toh Guan Road East$1.50 – $1.80
UB Point$2.00 – $2.20
Admiralty Road$1.20 – $1.50
Tai Seng Drive$1.80 – $2.00
Changi Logistic Centre$1.80 – $2.80
Tuas View$1.30 – $1.50
120 Pioneer Road$1.20 – $1.30
25 Pandan Crescent$2.20 – $2.50
Joo Seng Warehouse$1.85 – $2.00
Tagore Drive Warehouse$1.50 – $1.70
Sungei Kadut Loop$1.50 – $1.70
Jurong District Centre$1.60 – $1.80
Changi Logistic Centre$1.80 – $2.80
51 Tuas View$1.30 – $1.50
Enterprise Logistic Centre $1.30 – $1.50

Transacted Price
Factory (All Types), Multi-user Warehouse – June 2018

Project NameArea (sqm)Transacted Price ($)Unit Price ($ psm)Property TypeTenureContract Date
WCEGA TOWER903770004189Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 13/03/199729-Jun-18
TOH GUAN CENTRE1264650003690Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/12/199729-Jun-18
9 @ TAGORE39615000003788Factory (All Types)Freehold28-Jun-18
UNITY CENTRE34210000002924Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 13/03/199728-Jun-18
NORTHSTAR @ AMK22210500004730Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/01/200728-Jun-18
N.A.141730000002117Factory (All Types)30+30 Yrs From 01/12/199328-Jun-18
GEMINI @ SIMS28624624008610Factory (All Types)Freehold27-Jun-18
MANDAI FOODLINK1728500004942Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 28/10/201327-Jun-18
PANDAN LIGHT INDUSTRIES PARK1902800001474Factory (All Types)9 Yrs From 26/01/201526-Jun-18
TRIVEX815700007037Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 20/05/200826-Jun-18
9 @ TAGORE27013200004889Factory (All Types)Freehold26-Jun-18
NORTH SPRING BIZHUB1437000004895Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/02/201126-Jun-18
ONE COMMONWEALTH1568250005288Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 01/03/200825-Jun-18
ONE COMMONWEALTH1568250005288Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 01/03/200825-Jun-18
WEST CONNECT BUILDING1613990002478Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 29/04/201325-Jun-18
OXLEY BIZHUB896090006843Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 15/11/201025-Jun-18
UBI TECHPARK1416500004610Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 05/07/199725-Jun-18
LINK@AMK2009700004850Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 28/06/201122-Jun-18
VERTEX1367000005147Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/01/200722-Jun-18
NORTH VIEW BIZHUB3669850002691Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 28/12/201222-Jun-18
OXLEY BIZHUB 2946300006702Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 10/06/201122-Jun-18
VERTEX1366450004743Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/01/200722-Jun-18
PAYA UBI INDUSTRIAL PARK61921000003393Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 10/03/199722-Jun-18
TUAS VIEW INDUSTRIAL PARK387182000002118Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 01/09/200722-Jun-18
FIRST CENTRE1465888004033Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 23/04/200722-Jun-18
NORTHSTAR @ AMK1818800004862Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/01/200721-Jun-18
TECHNIQUES CENTRE1216379805273Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 05/07/199720-Jun-18
BONIA HOUSE4587115000002507Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 01/08/199120-Jun-18
NORTH POINT BIZHUB2386300002647Factory (All Types)57 Yrs From 18/09/201219-Jun-18
PANTECH BUSINESS HUB33812733003767Warehouse99 Yrs From 27/01/198419-Jun-18
OXLEY BIZHUB1077500007009Warehouse60 Yrs From 15/11/201018-Jun-18
GOLDEN WALL FLATTED FACTORY13212000009091Factory (All Types)Freehold18-Jun-18
HILLVIEW WAREHOUSE1648200005000WarehouseFreehold18-Jun-18
UBI TECHPARK83629300003505Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 05/07/199714-Jun-18
N.A.73545557440756Factory (All Types)30+30 Yrs From 01/09/199714-Jun-18
RBM CENTRE8968680000007583Factory (All Types)30+30 Yrs From 16/03/199314-Jun-18
LINK@AMK20010000005000Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 28/06/201114-Jun-18
NORTHSTAR @ AMK1748880005103Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/01/200714-Jun-18
FOOD XCHANGE @ ADMIRALTY26512500004717Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 09/10/200014-Jun-18
NORTH SPRING BIZHUB5882135000002295Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/02/201113-Jun-18
PIONEER JUNCTION1154430003852Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 07/03/201111-Jun-18
HH @ KALLANG164176800010780Factory (All Types)Freehold11-Jun-18
WEST CONNECT BUILDING1613990002478Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 29/04/201311-Jun-18
SING INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX1593800002390Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 18/10/198211-Jun-18
SING INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX1142750002412Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 18/10/198211-Jun-18
NORTH LINK BUILDING4829000001867Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 09/10/199911-Jun-18
NORTH LINK BUILDING4829000001867Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 09/10/199911-Jun-18
MEISSA908900009889Factory (All Types)Freehold8-Jun-18
JURONG FOOD HUB2465380002187Factory (All Types)23 Yrs From 01/03/20088-Jun-18
TRADEHUB 211477593605166Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 10/12/20038-Jun-18
ALJUNIED INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX1228800007213Factory (All Types)Freehold8-Jun-18
M-SPACE1288950006992Factory (All Types)Freehold8-Jun-18
WOODLANDS BIZHUB66330000004525Factory (All Types)57 Yrs From 09/04/20117-Jun-18
FRONTIER37512500003333Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 04/01/19997-Jun-18
MIDVIEW CITY1396800004892Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 23/01/20086-Jun-18
HENDERSON INDUSTRIAL PARK45032697007266Factory (All Types)Freehold6-Jun-18
NORTH POINT BIZHUB2386200002605Factory (All Types)57 Yrs From 18/09/20126-Jun-18
E-CENTRE @ REDHILL936596597093Factory (All Types)99 Yrs From 01/07/19626-Jun-18
E-CENTRE @ REDHILL16411631357092Factory (All Types)99 Yrs From 01/07/19626-Jun-18
E-CENTRE @ REDHILL1178296817091Factory (All Types)99 Yrs From 01/07/19626-Jun-18
THE CRESCENT @ KALLANG886200007045Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 06/03/20095-Jun-18
HOLA CENTRE734250005822Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 05/07/19975-Jun-18
UB. ONE866000006977Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 31/12/20085-Jun-18
HENDERSON INDUSTRIAL PARK46035680007757Factory (All Types)Freehold5-Jun-18
UBI TECHPARK22910303704499Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 05/07/19974-Jun-18
PIONEER POINT893350003764Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 17/10/20114-Jun-18
N.A.50903699000727Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 01/04/19704-Jun-18
CT HUB 2908880009867Factory (All Types)99 Yrs From 14/01/19764-Jun-18
SING INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX3649207302529Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 18/10/19824-Jun-18
WOODLANDS INDUSTRIAL XCHANGE1806500003611Factory (All Types)30 Yrs From 29/04/20131-Jun-18
FIRST CENTRE1135600004956Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 23/04/20071-Jun-18
PREMIER @ KAKI BUKIT28610850003794Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 15/12/20101-Jun-18
PREMIER @ KAKI BUKIT28610850003794Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 15/12/20101-Jun-18
LAM SOON INDUSTRIAL BUILDING21613485116243Factory (All Types)Freehold1-Jun-18
PREMIER @ KAKI BUKIT28311300003993Factory (All Types)60 Yrs From 15/12/20101-Jun-18

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