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Embarking on industrial ventures in Singapore requires meticulous adherence to regulatory frameworks set by key authorities.


National Environmental Agency


Jurong Town Corporation


Urban ReDevelopment Authority

National Environmental Agency (NEA): Seeking Approval for Pollution Control
Ensure a clean and sustainable operation by seeking NEA’s approval for pollution control measures. Understand the specific requirements for clean and light industries permissible in Business 1 (B1) zones and the mandatory 100m nuisance buffer for Business 2 (B2) zones.

Jurong Town Corporation (JTC): Seeking Approval for Industrial Space Lease/Sub-lease
Unlock growth potential by navigating JTC’s industrial space lease/sub-lease approval process. As Singapore’s largest industrial landlord, JTC plays a pivotal role (>80%) in facilitating industrial spaces for various businesses. Explore the leasing possibilities that align with your operational needs.

Urban ReDevelopment Authority (URA): Ensuring Compliance with Zoning Regulations
Stay in compliance with URA’s zoning regulations, with a focus on achieving a minimum 60% predominant industrial use. Discover how the remaining 40% can be utilized for ancillary or supporting uses. Leverage URA’s guidelines to optimize your industrial space for maximum efficiency.

Business 1 (B1) Zone: Catering to Clean and Light Industries
Understand the scope of permissible activities in the Business 1 (B1) zone. Tailor your business activities to align with the regulations governing clean and light industries, ensuring seamless operations within the designated zone.

Business 2 (B2) Zone: Navigating NEA’s Nuisance Buffer Requirements
Delve into the specifics of industrial activities allowed in the Business 2 (B2) zone while adhering to NEA’s 100m nuisance buffer requirements. Learn about the industries compatible with B2 zoning and the necessary precautions to mitigate environmental impact.

Business Park (BP) Space: Fostering Innovation and Research
Explore the opportunities within Business Park (BP) spaces, tailored for high-technology, research and development (R&D), and knowledge-intensive activities. Benefit from lush landscaping, superior building designs, and a rich array of amenities that foster innovation and collaboration.

For a visual representation of Business 1 (B1), Business 2 (B2), and Business Park (BP) spaces, refer to the URA’s map at URA Maps. Navigate the complexities of regulatory approval, leasing, and zoning to position your industrial venture for success in Singapore’s dynamic business landscape.

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