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One may be looking to acquire a property for own use, investment or value-adding strategy.  We can identify and deliver the most optimum opportunities in the Singapore and regional market having more than 20 years expertise.

If you have an asset to divest or looking to release investment properties that are not aligned with your investment strategy or simply to divest from an asset to realise capital gains. We will advise you on the best strategies and execution methods available to help you achieve a maximum return on your property or portfolio and minimise your transaction risk.

We are a leading force in commercial and industrial transactions. Our focus activities give us the latest sentiment and forefront of market transactions with pricing information. With this knowledge, our investment and acquisition experts will be able to value-add and collectively work for your assets.

We assist buyers, sellers and corporate clients in a variety of transactions including but not limited to, office, retail, industrial and hotels. In addition to our regional partners’ capital markets expertise, we draw on our related capabilities in leasing, facility management, operations and valuation to create optimized and integrated solutions for clients.

We act locally but we co-operate regionally. Our expert teams have the knowledge, skills, and professional expertise to handle investment/divestment strategies and options in various part of Asia. Our network extends across Asia Pacific so that you can leverage on our full platform.

We believe that every asset or portfolio of assets is unique. We will develop specific marketing plans and solutions for your specific needs. Our combined expertise develops a strategic, and specific action plan that includes the most current information on market conditions, capital market and local market intelligence and emerging trends to develop the exact execution metrics to deliver the objectives.

We are always aware of both national and regional opportunities. We will advise on investments from a regional perspective. With our VPC Alliance partners, we are able to provide access to capital and real estate markets from Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, India and China from our regional

Commitment, dedication, expertise are a few keys reasons more than 2000 clients have been serviced by us for the past 20 years.  Year after year we transact, lease and assist in various

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