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Corporate Residential Services


Provide value-added services in addition to home search


Conduct orientation


Arrange short-term accommodation 


Manage leases


Track renewal and expiration of leases


Departure service

Corporate Residential Leasing Division is committed to provide the relocation needs of expatriates, assisting them in the entire transition process from their home country to Singapore.

Our team seeks to help expatriates make informed decision in choosing the right housing accommodation and their transition to an unfamiliar environment a hassle-free experience.

We take on vital roles of procuring expatriate housing for MNC, sourcing for the ideal home tohouse their staffs and their family. Our team of highly experienced leasing executives are well versed in negotiating lease agreements on behalf of clients. Our team also posses a good understanding of the needs and requirements of expatriates relocating to a foreign country.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tap on our massive network to offer a firm infrastructure thatensures the delivery of the highest level of service to our clients

Corporate Residential Services

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