1 Science Park Drive, Singapre Science Park I Singapore 118221
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1 Science Park Drive, Singapore Science Park I Singapore 118221

1 Science Park Drive

1 Science Park Drive
Singapore Science Park 1
Singapore 118221

1 Science Park Drive is a prominent building situated at the main entrance of Geneo, a forthcoming life sciences and innovation hub within Singapore Science Park I.

This Grade A building is designed to accommodate various types of workspaces.

The building is divided into two distinct sections:

  1. Wet Lab-Ready Units (Levels 1-5): These levels are equipped with specialized facilities suitable for wet laboratory work. They come equipped with essential infrastructure such as a chilled water system, central air-conditioning, and raised floors. These features are essential for scientific and research activities, particularly in the field of biomedical research and development.
  2. Business Park Workspaces (Levels 6-15): These levels are designed to provide flexible workspaces suitable for a range of activities, including innovation, design and development, data processing, and industrial training. These spaces are adaptable for various business needs and offer modern amenities and infrastructure to support a variety of industries.

In addition to the workspace offerings, 1 Science Park Drive is integrated into the broader Geneo development, which includes 3,600 square meters of retail, food and beverage, and lifestyle amenities. This ensures that the occupants have access to a variety of services and recreational options, enhancing the overall work environment.

One of the notable features of the building is its underground connection to the Kent Ridge MRT station. This connectivity enhances convenience and accessibility for those commuting to and from the building, making it easier for both employees and visitors to access the facility.

The entire development, including 1 Science Park Drive, is expected to be fully completed by 2025. This timeline indicates that the building and its amenities will be available for occupancy and use by businesses and organizations in various sectors, with a specific focus on fostering innovation and research within the life sciences and related industries.

1 Science Park Drive
1A Science Park Drive
1 Science Park Drive
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