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There are 3 key agencies in Singapore that govern the usage of industrial space:

National Enviroment Agency

  • Key Function: Industries seeking to establish or operate in designated areas must obtain NEA approval for Pollution Control. This involves adhering to stringent environmental standards to minimize the impact of industrial activities on the surrounding ecosystem.
  • Emphasis: NEA actively collaborates with industries to promote eco-friendly practices, ensuring a balance between industrial development and environmental preservation.

Jurong Town Corporation

  • Key Function: JTC is the go-to agency for businesses seeking approval for the lease or sub-lease of industrial spaces. Its role extends beyond being a landlord; it actively fosters an environment conducive to industrial growth and innovation.
  • Impact: By maintaining more than 80% of industrial spaces, JTC is a key driver of Singapore’s industrial landscape, ensuring optimal land utilization and strategic development.

Urban Redevelopment Authority

  • Key Function: Industries must be in compliance with URA’s directive of a minimum 60% predominant industrial use within allocated spaces. This promotes a focused and specialized industrial landscape, contributing to the nation’s economic resilience.
  • Flexibility: Recognizing the need for versatility, URA allows the remaining 40% for ancillary or supporting uses. This flexibility encourages a dynamic mix of activities, fostering innovation and collaboration within industrial zones.

Information & Application (web-links) for users of Industrial Space : 

  • NEA :
  • JTC :
    URA : indicating Business 1 (B1), Business 2 (B2) and Business Park (BP)  Space


Clean and light industries are permitted in the Business 1 (B1) zone, contingent upon the nature of users’ activities.


Business 2 (B2) zone is designated for both general and special industries. Compliance with National Environment Agency (NEA) standards mandates a 100m nuisance buffer between the B2 zone and its surrounding area. The permissible industry types and uses within the B2 zone, aligning with NEA’s nuisance buffer requirements, are outlined in the provided list.


Business Parks (BP) cater to businesses involved in high-technology, research and development (R&D), high value-added, and knowledge-intensive activities.
Key characteristics of Business Parks include:

  • A diverse range of technology and research-oriented industries, emphasizing non-manufacturing activities.
  • Incorporation of generous and lush landscaping, ensuring aesthetically pleasing surroundings.
  • High-quality building designs to foster a professional and conducive working environment.
  • A broad spectrum of amenities and facilities, providing a comprehensive and enriching workplace experience.

Additional Information: 

URA – Apply for Change of Use :

SCDF (Civil Defence)- Apply for Use & Storage of Hazardous /Flammable/ Class Cargo

ESG (Enterprise Singapore) – Apply for Grant

URA: Consideration for Property Use Assessment-Criteria

URA: Enquiry on Approved Use of Premises 

URA: Allowable Use for Shophouses 

Enterprise Singapore: Grant Portal

JTC: Sub-letting (Leasing from REITs) Information

NEA: Development Control 

SCDF: Singapore Civil Defence Force 

Remark: Documents & web links are revised periodically so do check for updates. If need assistance, you may email us or WhatsApp our Team @ +65 96965099  

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